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The MLGN Member2Member Program.
(part of MLGN's 'Circular Economy') PDF format

In a nutshell our 'Member2Member' program is where PALS community members provide
products and services to one another based on 'recommendations' by other community members. 

Here's the part where it gets even more interesting...

In the MLGN 'Circular Economy' the currency that we use is the MLGN FREEDOMCRYPTO TOKEN. 
FCT's is the currency used in the Member2Member program.
Over time this becomes very beneficial for ALL Members!  
Members use FCT's to pay for the goods and services provided. Simply transfer fct's (agreed amount) to recipients Waves wallet address.

THE MLGN FREDOOMCRYPTO TOKEN (FREEDOMCRYPTO) is listed on the WAVES EXCHANGE' (DEX, digital currency exchange)  at Simply open a digital cryptocurrency account with them and receive a Waves wallet. It's a Free service and takes about 5 minutes. Tip: For transactions you will need to buy a few Waves tokens. These tokens are used to pay the very small fees that they charge. If you already have some crypto this can be used, if not purchase your Waves on another exchange or use the Waves 'Buy' using credit / debit card option (This is operated by a 3rd party 'Advanced Cash', there fees are quite high and there security verification process is thorough). More details on how to use the Waves exchange click here

Here's a reminder of just a few of the benefits when using the Member2Member Program
> Receive 500 FREE FCT's on joining
> Member2Member Directory website listing. Upto THREE listings (relative categories).
> Access to MLGN Forum & MLGN Blog &FaceBook Page
> You will be providing a valuable service to our members without being focused on profits.
> All MLGN members will benefit from the product or service that you provide.
> By using FCT's you will be helping its value rise thereby making yourself a profit this way (circular economy,MLGN efforts + Members' efforts + Market forces)
> All MLGN members will benefit from
the rise in value
(helping our re-distribution of wealth & eliminating poverty campaigns!)

*FCT's Rewards are only available to MLGN Members.

Using the Member2Member Program:

>Members contact one another regarding the buying and selling of goods / services through the Member2Member directory.

One of the benefits of joining the Member2Member program is getting yourself 'listed' on the Member2Member Directory. Simply register your details (name, biz name if applicable, product or service you provide, along with any other pertinent details). Members can then see what you are offering.

Another of our initiatives (and a prioritized objective, along with the financial benefits members receive) is to achieve optimum health and well-being for our members. Health improvement is one subject (tackling obesity, nutrition, exercise classes, etc), others can be included ( Beauty, help around the house, etc). Tip: Did you know that you can change the DNA within yourbody by changing your diet (chemistry makeup) and your beliefs? 

Get Inspired...Get Active...Get Healthy...Get FCT's!

Life Health Club®

FREE membership for registered MLGN Members. Includes activities, events, classes. We aim to make this a mainly ‘offline / real world’ club where members get active and have fun!  Motivation is always available! 

We encourage our members to set up their own local events; walk, run, swim, golf, tennis, zumba, dance, yoga…whatever your interests are and that you really enjoy doing. It’s also a great way to earn FCT's (rewards). Learn more about THE MLGN REWARDS PROGRAM.

 "Get Healthy, feel Vibrant, feel Happy!"

> Receive FCT's for running a Health related activity (i.e. organised run, swim, bike ride,
   classes = yoga, pilates, dance includes zumba, sh’bam, rave, etc. Thai Chi and Meditation.
> Receive FCT'sHealthy eating recipes / cooking (no meat or dairy please!)
> Receive FCT's for completing a ’healthy’ weight loss program (eliminate obesity).

*Please note. We review all Directory postings. We are very keen to keep the directory
listings 'content' relative and in harmony with MLGN initiatives and projects.

To join, fill in the form below then register at our membership site.

Any questions about the program contact us at:

Thank You...and have a very HEALTHY Day!
Ronnie...and the MLGN Team

If you would like to be a part of our PALS community and secure your
place in the Member2Member Program please complete the form below

Membership rules:

  • I am joining with the purpose of promoting MLGN's 'World Of Freedom'
    (humans, animals, our planet) and associated initiatives.
  • I do not own or operate an Animal slaughtering or animal processing business.
  • I am not involved in the business of Deforestation.
  • I am not an executive of a fossil fuel company.
  • I am not a registered lobbyist.
  • I am not an executive of a health insurance or pharmaceutical company.
  • I am not an executive of a big tech company.
  • I am not an executive of a big bank.
  • I am not an executive of a private equity firm.
  • I am not an executive of a hedge fund.
  • I am not an executive at an *agribusiness company.

*Agribusiness commonly degrades the soil, depletes it of carbon, reduces its water-holding capacity, poisons the land, pollutes waterways and the ocean, and produces polluted, homogenised food of inferior quality. In Asia it destroys communities and displaces people into vast city slums where they become cheap labour.

MLGN PALS Community..."Change YOUR WORLD!"


...Revolutionary Initiatives For Personal Empowerment + Species & Planet Survival! 
(Voluntary Carbon Emissions Trading,
coming soon)
The MLGN FREEDOMCRYPTO TOKEN wallet address is:

Membership Platform:


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"Inspiring and Empowering People around The World
To Live A Longer Healthier, and More Prosperous Life!"